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Try Exercise That Lose Weight Fast

The speed of the body's metabolic processes cannot be fully controlled. But what can be controlled is the level of activity that we do every day. Calories will burn more quickly in more active people. This is why you need to recognize the type of exercise that is fast to lose weight. Metabolism is the body's process of converting calories in food and drinks into energy so that the body can function. Many people take certain drugs to speed up the metabolic process so that weight loss quickly decreases. However, the effectiveness of this technique is still not proven to be able to beat a sport that is fast losing weight. Exercise, the Best Way to Lose Weight As a guide to choosing, below you can examine the various types of sports that people do with a body weight of 73 kilograms for an hour. How many calories can you burn? High impact aerobics: 510 calories. Low impact aerobics: 350 calories. Cycling with a speed of approximately 16 km / hour: 280 calories. Basket: 560
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Replace 4 Healthy 5 Perfect Foods with Balanced Nutrition Guidelines

Food slogan 4 Healthy 5 Perfect that was once campaigned by the government has now been replaced with the Guidelines for Balanced Nutrition (PDG). What are the PDG contents? The term food 4 Healthy 5 Perfect is certainly no stranger to the ears of all Indonesians. The food menu consisting of staple foods, side dishes, vegetables, and fruits plus milk began to be introduced by the government in 1952. However, the slogan was considered to have not fulfilled the development and fulfillment of human nutrition today. Therefore, the government replaced the principles of 4 Healthy 5 Perfect Food with Balanced Nutrition Guidelines. The Balanced Nutrition Guide refers to the Nutrition Guide for Balanced Diet, which was the result of an agreement on a world food conference in 1992. In the Balanced Nutrition Guide, substitute for 4 Healthy 5 Perfect foods, there are 4 points to be fulfilled so that our nutritional needs are met, namely: Eat a variety of foods In certain foods there are sou

No Need for Body Fat Vitamin, This is a Safe Way to Gain Weight

Some people have thin bodies and difficult to get fat. In fact, losing weight is not good for your health. Various ways to gain weight you can do, such as taking fat body vitamins, eating foods that contain lots of calories, and eating at least five servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Some people, trying desperately to gain weight. Some succeed, some don't. Having a healthy weight refers to body mass index (BMI) or BMI (Body Mass Index). BMI for women and men is different. A normal BMI for women is 17 to 23, a BMI under 17 indicates underweight, a BMI of 23 to 27 indicates obesity, and a BMI above 27 indicates obesity. Whereas for men, a normal BMI is 18 to 25, a BMI under 18 signifies underweight, a BMI 25 to 27 indicates obesity, and a BMI above 27 indicates obesity. Causes of Low Weight Some people have a thin body and have difficulty gaining weight. Some of the reasons you have a low body weight or thin, include: Genetic factors If you have had a thin body

Dental crowns can improve appearance and provide protection

A dental crown, or dental crown, is a method of fitting a denture over a damaged tooth. Like crowns, dental crowns work to improve the appearance and protect teeth from more severe damage. The tooth enamel is indeed very strong, but still has limits. So it is not uncommon damage to the teeth. In addition, tooth decay can also be caused by broken teeth due to falls, biting objects too hard, or collision during exercise. When can a dental crown be installed? Dental crowns are different from implantation methods or dental implants. Dental implants are the process of implanting new teeth up to their roots. While the dental crown functions like a crown that protects teeth from more severe damage. The crowning method is done by covering parts of old teeth that are damaged or partially broken with dentures. Dental crowns are not merely cosmetic for the sake of beautifying their appearance. But to restore the shape, size, strength, and protect teeth that are starting to fragile. The de

Not Painful, Like This Step Scaling Teeth

Tooth scaling is a term used to clean teeth. Do not be immediately afraid to hear this term because this dental treatment is not painful. Basically, the tooth scaling process is easy and comfortable. However, many people do not understand the term dental scaling, so many are lazy or afraid to do so. Dental scaling should be done routinely, 1-2 times per year. Your doctor will examine your teeth and gums, so your teeth will avoid problems such as tooth decay which can be affected by various things such as tartar or gum inflammation. In addition, doctors can immediately handle if problems are found. In order not to be afraid to do dental scaling, you should know in advance the steps of treatment carried out by the dentist: Mouth check As a first step, the doctor will check the condition of your mouth as a whole. Inflamed gums or damaged teeth are two of the most common problems. The doctor will use a small mirror in the examination to be able to see the condition of the mouth mor